killing wasps and taking names.

*Whew. It's been a busy week. It has involved an impromptu couple days at Grampy and Mimi's house, a girls night out, and lots of outside time trying not to melt. During all of this I saved my husbands life from a wasp. To be fair it was kinda my fault, I saw the wasp in our bedroom (what?!) and tried to kill it. I may or may not have lost where it went and then kinda forgot about it. The next morning I was on the treadmill and the wasp stung Zack. OOPS. Never fear I promised to avenge his injury. I stalked and finally killed the wasp. Fine, really I walked in the room and just happened to see it. Still I feel like I saved his life. Hence the girls night out. HA.

*This is what our spare time has involved.
The new wagon pool. It's fun and portable!
Can't you just feel the excitement in Betsy!
I have decided to buy stock now in both band aids and popsicles. Ohh those piggies melt me.
*Hope your weekend is stellar and let me know if you need any wasp killing tips.


  1. LOVE the piggies!! Ran into your mom last night... she's as cute as ever. I should really start dressing nicer. :)

  2. Considering I spent the last 2 days at their house in my pajamas, I'm sure she didn't notice what you were wearing. I bet she was just glad to see you. Next time I'm in town I'll stop by (probably in my pajamas) :)

  3. Those piggies remind of days gone by when another lil blonde hair beauty wore them the same way... :)


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