starting the week..

*Hello there Monday or as I call it "I swear we cleaned the house this weekend, but now I can't tell" day. I know its a mouth full title, but I wasn't planning on putting it on a shirt or anything.

*We just finished our kindergarten meltdown in which Ek stated that tomorrow she was looking for a different mom. One that doesn't make her take rests. She will be taking applications through tomorrow. 

*I am looking at the calendar and trying to figure out when we got so busy? We have something on every night this week, plus a trip to Bud the eye guy, Max starting preschool and probably a mini meltdown for me. Whew. It's gonna be a ride.

*This weekend we spent most of our time outside. It was grand. The girls were entertained for quite some time with this game
Betsy relaxing. I wonder how many neighbor kids it would take to pull me...never mind I don't want to know the answer.
sorry that you have to look at our dead yard. It died a slow death while we were on vacation and we kinda gave up. We will try again in the spring. For now its kinda like walking on potato chips. Which how awesome would that be to have a yard of potato chips?! I'll leave you with that deep thought. :)

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