weekend ramblings #412

*This weekend was full of fun and a possible broken nose. Really what else do you expect from this household? Betsy performed a Nestle plunge (there's a commercial throwback for you) with the back of her head on Zack's face Sunday morning. Heck of a way to start the day. Since I am the ever supportive wife, while I was getting towels and helping get the bleeding stopped, I was really thinking "Please don't get blood on the new comforter, please please please" Yes you can always count on me. After the hoopla of the kids thinking that dad's nose had been torn off, we did get everything cleaned up. I think that I might have a career with the mob, because apparently I can get blood out of pretty much anything. That's a good skill around these parts. For the record his nose did not break. whew.
*Here are some more pictures from our week on Instagram. You can follow me by searching for ramblingbiddy.  
catching up on our magazines at the library.
before dinner stunts
she had to try
finally dress-up in weather appropriate attire
Taking a header in a mud puddle.
Eeeeekkk. cuteness in a ponytail.
trying out the neighbors slip-n-slide. Max's facial expressions were the best part.
"You are telling me this is fun?"
The Queen of run the entire length and not get wet. 

*Hope your Monday is grand.


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    1. Yay! I was hoping someone else would remember those commercials. :)

  2. That ponytail may be one of the cutest things ever. In the history of ever.


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