Cribs, eyes and dino's! Oh my.

 *Morning. Last night I solved a mystery for all parents. "Why do babies not sleep through the night?" The answer: the crib mattress. How did I solve such a mystery? I tried to sleep in one. Before you get a really scary visual, we had taken the crib completely down due to numerous escapes by Betsy.  So  we put the crib mattress on the floor. The first night Betsy visited us around 2 am wanting to read some books. I might have indulged a little book reading in the complete dark to appease a certain 20 month old.  Finally she fell back asleep as did I. A couple hours later I woke up with such pain every.where. I guess when you sleep on a mattress the size of a saltine cracker you are bound to get a little knotted up. So there it is...the crib mattress is the culprit. They are crazy uncomfortable. Mystery solved. You are welcome.

*Since it's Friday I wanted to share the newest eye story with you. I had another telemarketer call (I know, I know not sure why I don't hang up) Here's a quick recap

Me: Sorry we don't have the funds to donate right now.
Telemarketer: may I ask why?
Me: (I can't stop myself..really)  We had a child lose an eye.
Telemarketer: Oh my. I went to middle school with a girl who lost her eye. She was wearing head gear for braces and a spring broke off. Poked her in the eye and lost her vision.
Me: uhhhhhh
Telemarketer: Can we count on your next year.
Me: Nope. But thanks for the story.

Look for my new book, Random Stories of Eye Loss from Complete Strangers. Should be on Amazon late Fall. 

*Since it has been C.R.A.Z.Y hot. My kids are crazy as well. I told them it was too hot to swim until after dinner, so this is what they come up with instead.
 Never too hot for a Care Bear. Yup, yup it is.

 The newest dinosaur. The Sweatasauris. 
Heat stroke, we are NOT afraid of you.  For the record I only let them play in them for a bit, they were soaking with sweat when we took them off. Fun times.

*So enjoy your weekend and remember crib mattress and head gear can be bad news.


  1. I don't remember getting a warning label with my braces! I'll look forward to your book ;)

    1. Kristin-I think its a very unknown threat. I'm glad I could bring it to your attention years later :)

  2. Looking forward to your book! It's going to be a great and entertaining read.

    1. I'll be sure that you get an advanced copy...signed of course :)


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