post 4th fun.


 We are up and at 'em this morning. Our ears are still ringing from the fireworks the last several nights. I am going to have to come up with something quite entertaining for this evening, since blowing things up is off the books for another year. The last two nights we spent with our neighbors. They came down both nights with a wagon full of loud fun.  Last night we only had a couple of the kids suffer minor burns.  Our friend Ethan with a finger burn and Max stepped on a sparkler piece. Thankfully they quickly rebounded and rejoined the fun. All in all good times. Our two favorite fire works were the hulu girl and helicopter. The helicopter malfunctioned all 3 times, but obviously didn't keep us from buying it. Sometimes it's all about the boy's face.
 how could you tell these excited eyes no?
ek and her beloved hulu girl
*Betsy spent the first night hugging the bumper of the car. Night 2 she was a bit more brave and watched with the rest of us.

 geez. that was loud!
*I did manage to get one picture of Grampy running for cover. That's how you know it's gonna be a good one :)
 run grampy run! good form
 * I hope your holiday was a good one. The nice thing about staying up late is kiddos hit the bed. hard. But still up so flipping early. why is that? :)

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