all cracked up

*Let's start the morning off with some wisdom from Ellakate. Last night I was listening to her explain life to Max. They were talking about heaven. Max was wondering when we get to go to heaven. Ek's response " When we get all old and cracked up, but more cracked up than mom" That answer appeased Max apparently and they went to bed. I might possibly be surfing the internet for wrinkle cream after this blog post.

*Betsy has been doing so great keeping her eye in. Although Sunday morning the kids and I had to go on another eye hunt.  She's sneaky, but we found the eye under the crib again. 

*This weekend was HOT, seriously HOT. We felt trapped inside and our kids imaginations were starting to worry me.
Full set of wings and looking for roof access.
As we were driving home from a little frozen yogurt relief it started raining. I am not sure that my kids remember ever seeing rain, it has been so long. The temp dropped from 103 to 75  by the time we got home. Needless to say, we stood in the garage and enjoyed the 15 minutes of relief.
finally got to use the new rain boots!
one child needed a little prodding.
*Due to the slight relief, we actually left the house yesterday morning for a walk. We went to our great arboretum to feed the crazy amount of turtles.
Now on to the start of a new and cooler week!

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