monday ramblings

*Morning. Here are the Monday ramblings...

-betsy still takes her eye out every.where. As in we searched for it in the car at the grocery store parking lot.  Finally found it a bit later, wedged underneath her car seat. We still have several weeks before her EUA (examination under anesthesia) to make her new eye mold. I don't know that I am going to make it, or keep her from losing the fake eye. ICK.

-I learned that going to grocery store at 4:45 pm on a Saturday before a major holiday with the entire family is not the brightest idea I have ever had. Also to the person who got in line behind us and our two carts, not your brightest idea ever either.

-betsy also gave herself a black eye (on her good eye..of course) in a collision with her doll stroller. Minor heart attack. Her eye looks great coupled with the crazy big bug bite to the side of it.

-There were naps all around this weekend. Fantastic

-A quick apology to our neighbors 6 years ago. We were the people who didn't have kids yet and therefore blew up an insane amount of fireworks until the wee hours. Now karma has gotten us good. Fireworks here for 5 days and they can be shot off until midnight.

-spent a little time at the park.  Betsy played the entire time with her stuffed dog in her mouth and a monkey in her hand. Interesting child.

sometimes it takes a big brother's help to beat your big sister in a frog vs. horse race.
*I recently discovered that I have lost the ability to walk in high heels. How you ask? Well by looking like a new born giraffe wearing high heels in the shoe aisle at Target. There was a slight ankle roll, but I did manage to stay upright. Maybe I shouldn't have started with the crazy high purple heels? Zack and Betsy both got a chuckle out of it. Guess I will stick to my cute flip flops and hope no one asks me to be in their wedding.

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  1. Ha! I would totally get married again, to Matt, of course, just to see you walk in high heels! hee! hee!


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