*So I have jumped on the bandwagon of Instagram. Instant photos uploaded from your phone. I have just recently started this new fun obsession. So if your phone is able, you can follow me on there. Just search for ramblingbiddy.  Here are some photos that can be found on my Instagram.  
the flying squirrel sleeps. Wish I had those lashes. 
the parrot. 
amazing how well they get along when a movie is involved.
pretty good depiction of our family. Except we have a Betsy instead of a cat. We do let her eat at the table.
(so so so far from the truth. It kinda hurts)
Malt 0 Meal. The devil disguised in a breakfast food.
formulating a plan. Breakout at dusk.
Donut Tuesday. Sounds good. Might be a thing now.
*Hope your weekend is grand. 


  1. Where did you get that table picture?! I have those stencils on my wall. Did you stay awhile when you stopped by yesterday? Did you also drink the cider from the beer fridge b/c that disappeared unusually fast too. :)

  2. Ha. No I did not consume anything from the beer fridge. But next time I might! The cards are from a fisher price letter toy from my mom. Ek and I didn't stay since you weren't home. But again next time we might :)


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