Getting the band back together.

*So the band is back together. As in we finally have the family unit under one roof. We started out taking all the kids to my parents on Friday, got 2 back Saturday night and Ek last night. She managed to squeeze her way into spending 3 nights on her own. Lucky girl. So today is "transition" day, otherwise known as "everybody will love each other for a few moments, when not in timeout" day. So far its mid-morning and they are still having a great time. 

*Last night we converted Betsy's crib into a toddler bed of sorts. It actually contained her until 4 a.m. when she came to visit us. Usually putting her in bed with us is enough, but this morning she felt the need to have her tummy rubbed. Every time I had "dead arm" she shot straight up, let out a parrot squawk and we would start from square one. I am thinking about a kennel of sorts for this girl. kidding...maybe.

*We are heading outside to play before we melt. Here' a picture of one of our sunflowers. Or also known as "the only thing in the yard I haven't killed yet". 

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