the week according to my phone.

*Hello Monday, or as I am calling it, hello Betsy figured out how to escape from the crib day.  The oldest 2 never quite figured it out, but this one is stealthy. As in put her down to nap, find her asleep on the floor an hour later. I was on the treadmill and Max/Zack were taking a man nap, so no one heard the escape or her "reorganizing" her entire room. But hey, good news is the girl can put herself down for a nap and has mad reorganizing skills. The bad news, you put her in the crib and she shows up in the kitchen seconds later. I am now putting "convert the crib to toddler bed" on the top of the to do list today. I guess if she is going to get out, I could at least make the escape a bit safer. Please pray for us. :)

*Here are some of the photos that I took this week on my phone. 
a deep conversation about life
a quiet eavesdropper during an important point
Boom! Little sister strikes again. I told you she was stealthy.
a little bit of man time with dad
watch out world.
this girl threw a massive fit about wanting to wear her suit all day. Looks like she won.
the angry napper, must be thinking about yesterday's swim suit debacle.
No need to buy actual puppets...
Olivia Newton-John got nothing on Betsy.
Big stuff on brother's bike

*Now off to make something homemade for breakfast. It does count when you pour the milk on the cereal...right?


  1. You totally get major Mom of the Year points just for making sure your kids GET breakfast. Not so lucky at my house :)

  2. We put a small chair beside Drew's crib and put the side down so he could just climb out by himself...his bed didn't convert to a toddler bed and we weren't ready to put him in a big bed. We thought the chair made it somewhat safer!!

    1. Thanks for the tip. She has escaped several times today, so we might try this idea!


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