Babies and jewelry. Fun for all.

*Morning! Since the weather cooled off to 90 degrees, Betsy has added some warmer clothing to her wardrobe. I only let her stay in it for a couple minutes so heat stroke wouldn't set in.

*We finished the summer reading program a week ago. I also became the annoying mom that hits up the tee-shirt prize on the first day possible. When you use the shirts as bribes, you had better get one. (might have learned this the hard way a couple years ago) We also celebrated with a Sprite. Now that's living.
This looks a bit like a Sprite and library shirt infomercial.
*Betsy has entered the "loves all babies" phase. This has to be one of my favorites. She carries random dolls everywhere we go. She is such a good little mommy and we tend to ignore the fact that she really likes to run them over with the doll stroller.

Feeding baby some milk and cars (in her new library shirt) I told you they were big deals around here!
*Hey! Important news. PlaneJane Designs is having a open house tonight. They have new great stuff for everyone.  Here is some info on the PlaneJane open house for all of you that are in the area. Also there is another one next week, if you can't get your act together to make this one :) They are also now on Etsy and yours truly does offer free delivery if you live close to me. (How else do you think I got the super fancy title of "Southern Regional Sales Manager"? Fine. I gave it to myself.) Anyhoo...as a special to my blog readers, the girls of PlaneJane have offered a free high five to anyone that mentions reading about this on my blog. Also possibly a really awesome cleaning cloth for your jewelry! Go see 'em, high five 'em and buy something fun!


  1. Southern Regional Sales Manager - wow! That's very impressive! I think I should be named as Marketing Director. Surely, there's a title for the girl who takes baggies of her PlaneJane charms to open houses so she doesn't buy duplicates, don't you think? :)

  2. Ironically we do have a position open for a marketing director in my region. Welcome to my team :)

  3. Keep up the good work, SRSM. Nice job on the Marketing Director hire.

    Katharine J. Bowell, CFO
    PlaneJane Designs, LLC


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