Weekend ramblings

*This weekend was a whirlwind. City wide garage sales wielded some fantastic bargains while seeing fun sisters (hey there Ang and Joanna!) Thanks to "Aunt" Kami, we got some early deals not to mention the kids got to love on her for a bit. 

*Saturday, Ek and I headed to a wedding (Congrats Stephani and Trevor). The rest of the family had colds so a girls night it was. I believe Ek danced from 8:30-11:30, only stopping for water and cupcakes breaks when needed. We dragged ourselves home at 12:30, this tiny dancer came home naked with a fist full of glow sticks. Now I call that a flipping party :) (side note: I returned home with my clothes on and no glow sticks)
dancing queen with Grampy during a cupcake break
*Sunday, Max and I decided to have a little bonding time as well. His time was not as grand. It involved Walmart and oil change/tire rotation. Seeing as it was Walmart combined with my luck, we were there for almost 4 1/2 hours.  What you say? Let's recap. WALMART FOR 4 1/2 HOURS WITH A 3 YEAR OLD ON A SUNDAY! Here are some highlights.

-bathroom trips - 8

-McDonald's trips - 2 (never thought I would say I'm so happy there is a McDonald's in our Walmart)

-time in toy aisle - 1 1/2 hours

-toys played with - ALL

-saving grace - seeing Kami and Jace. We may have followed them around for awhile. Kami has bodybuilder arms now from carrying one tired boy.

-movies watched on phone - 2

-employees complained to in auto department - 4

-items discovered that we failed to buy when we got home - 2

-times tried to just take car and make a run for it - 2

-sunglasses tried on - ALL.

Needless to say if you can't find something at Walmart. Call me. Chances are I can tell you aisle and price.


  1. Oh my! You know how to have a GRAND weekend!

  2. Shout out! I'm just thrilled you didn't feel like I'm a creepy stalker, blog-wise. :)

    1. Joanna. You could never be a stalker! I hope to see your sweet baby soon.

  3. this made me laugh out loud! thanks for always making my day brigher. :)

  4. Sara Jane - awesome and horrific all at once - 4.5 hours in walmart... your karma is definitely in tact. Loved seeing all of you and Aunt Kami in action!

    1. Great to see you! I think we need to plan a sisters (and kami ) night on the town!


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