cooler baby.

*Today has been more of a Monday vs Friday. We had to borrow the neighbors car (thanks Danielle!) to get to swimming lessons. Ours is getting routine maintenance or something like that. We also had to leave a man behind, so thanks to max for "helping" Danielle this morning.  As we pulled up to swimming lessons, I proceeded to drop the contents of my purse on the floor of the car, lose the key and drop ek's swim towel out the door. My sweet child comes to me and says "Any more complications today, Mom?"  GEEZ. I laughed after contemplating a swift kick to her backside. "Nope, I'm sure there will be many more today" Hello life.

*Betsy has been to every swimming lesson of ek's for the last 2 weeks.  She has tried to break the boredom by spicing things up a bit. 
purse + baby + pearls + ek's skirt = solid outfit for swimming lesson watching.
A couple of weeks ago Grampy let Betsy play with an ice pack for the cooler. She LOVES it. Carries everywhere like a baby. Today it ventured with us to swimming lessons. On a side note: It is heavy. As in break a little toe heavy, which might have happened when she dropped it on mine several times.

just having a snack with cooler baby. No big deal.
I would just like to know what the sweet college kid that teaches the lessons thinks of us. No. No I don't.

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