wednesday ramblings.

*Hey. guess what? It freaking hot! As in we were in the pool yesterday by 9:30 to the a.m.  I have started doing the treadmill at the crack of dawn to beat the heat. Then right after, I creep back upstairs, lay down in front of the fan and try to squeeze in a quick nap before the kiddos emerge. I didn't want you to think I was using that free time to clean or make breakfast from scratch. whew.

*Speaking of cleaning. I have discovered that I am a "unintentional cleaner" For example the only reason that my fridge sparkles today is because I knocked over the crazy full water pitcher. Or how my bathroom floor got cleaned, due to the large amount of grass dragged in from the yard.  I was contemplating mowing it. I am going to strive to do a more intentional job of cleaning. maybe. :)

*So God works yet again. I had a junk day yesterday. All the eye guilt came around again, along with Betsy throwing her eye in the sink. That might have been the breaking point. Anyhoo. I get this email from a woman who has a baby with a conformer. So now I have the potential to have a friend who really gets it. Like really gets it. I might have scared her off because I already suggested we start our own gang. "Mothers who rock conformers" Anyway.

*To beat the heat I suggest sno cones. Apparently one must eat them squatting down. Just a tip.


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  2. I hear you on the getting your run in and then sneaking back to bed. Your blog is a hoot!


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