its my cup!

*I realized an important item that was left out of all the parenting books. When you have a child, you no longer have a personal cup.  It's all fair game. I have found its not uncommon to find little bits of food floating in my drink, from the previous small drinkers.  Betsy is the worst.  No matter where I set my drink she tracks it down. I have tried putting it in high places, she's sees that as a challenge.  So I have given in, quit pop and switched to sugar free, caffeine free tea. YUM YUM. But at least Betsy still thinks she scored big.

*We finally got some great rain. Perfect timing since I picked up a couple of umbrellas for max and betsy on clearance the day before. (Max has since broke his, but hey it was fun for that one day) They had a bang up time outside and since it was nice and cool, I didn't mind the 4 soggy outfit changes from each kid.
pre rain.

walking to the mailbox has never been so fun.

This is what happens when a rainbow throws up. I must be honest. I love it.

Life is good.

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