air drying is what the cool kids do...

*This weekend went crazy fast. Unfortunately it ended with our dryer going kaput. Consider this a warning, friends in the neighborhood, you might see my smiling face on your porch with a basket of soggy clothes :) Good news it can be fixed, bad news part is on back order. Another warning, for the next door neighbors, there may be unmentionables drying on the patio, consider this an early apology.

*This cute boy with the bulldog smile
is off for a week of fun at Grampy and Mimi's house. He kept double checking that he was "going alone" I think he was ready for a break from all of us.  He is going to Bible school for the first time.  His older sister on the other hand was not thrilled that I accidentally scheduled her swimming lessons to overlap Bible school.  Oops. I'm hoping that she will enjoy some more girl time this week. She has given me a list of things she wants to do this week which include ice cream and Target. So I think we will do juuusssttt fine.

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