breakfast brigade

*Since swimming lessons have started, our mornings have been a bit crazy. (Fine, they are usually crazy, but more so when we actually have to be somewhere) Anyhoo, I have solved this problem. Training. Good solid breakfast training, it's where its at. We have played around with positions and have found these work the best. Betsy-Coffee. Max-Waffles. Ellakate-butter and syrup (or anything microwave related?)
*If these exact responsibilities are not carried out, then you end up with this...
long lines, waiting forever for food and bad coffee.  I'm not saying that this will work for every family, there aren't many 18 month olds that can make great coffee. But, hey it's worth a shot :)


  1. Can I call my order in ahead so it's ready when I get to your house in the morning? :)

  2. Is that Cookie in the kitchen? I'm on my way over. - Tb

  3. Danielle- Feel free to text me your order in the morning. However we aren't known for our fast service :)

    tony- Yup that's cookie in the kitchen. He also just got a new griddle like you...so watch out :)

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