Ek zingers

*Ek has been giving us some real zingers lately. I swear she is a 15 year old trapped in a 5 year old body. I have been trying to figure out why Betsy will come running to me with this excited look, only to then get really mad. After a bit of investigative work (also known as asking the little brother) I found that Ek has found a sure fire way to get little sis out of her hair. How...by telling her that "mom has candy" No wonder Betsy gets fired up when she sees she's been lied too. Not bad ek, not bad.

Zack had a "talk" with ek about keeping calm when her siblings get in her face. Several days later Zack was trying to get her to quit being upset/sassy. Her response..."I know dad, find the balance" Hilarious. We are in so much trouble with her...I know my parents are giggling behind my back :)

*We got a new (GIANT) chalkboard, thanks to PlaneJane Designs and their fabulous shopping abilities. It is huge and will be moved to the downstairs living room as soon as I can find time to put trim around it....so I'm guessing if you visit us in the next 2 years, you will still see it upstairs.


  1. LOVE the chalkboard! I can't wait to read your blog as EK becomes a teenager. You're in trouble, my friend.

  2. Danielle- come over anytime. We are ready for a massive game of pictionary:). Yes we are in trouble. Big trouble :)


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