*The Zoo. I have a love/hate relationship with it. Started out years ago when Zack and I were first dating. We went to the zoo on a crazy hot day, I was still trying to impress him, so I wore cute and incredibly uncomfortable shoes. Dumb dumb dumb. There was fighting, blisters, and lots of sweat. Needless to say we still refer to the horrible experience as "zoo day"  It thankfully has gotten somewhat better and Zack/I obviously moved passed it. (kinda)
*The last several zoo trips have been interesting. One time we were inside the rhino building and were happily watching the rhino. Apparently the rhino needed a little "me" time and sent us what can only be described as a warning shot from his backside. At least I think that's where it came from, I might have been ducking and screaming. Thankfully we escaped without being hit, but I know I will never look at a rhino the same way.
*The next zoo trip the kids witnessed what can only be described as giraffe porn. Apparently when the zoo season pass says "all access"..they aren't kidding around. Yowza.
*Finally a fluid/porn free zoo trip. We all went with ek's preschool class. It was a cool day, they provided lunch and Zack met up with us. It was a great fun, just in time for our zoo pass to expire. :)  
the best group shot. Betsy is thrilled

perfect zoo attire
Betsy did the pike throughout the zoo
I must have been in some sort of uphill stroller race?
my audition for a gum commercial?

Captain Awesome/Austin
This is how zack spent most of his time. I think he now has Popeye arms.

*All in all we now have a good zoo experience to add to our zoo history. It's about dang time!


  1. Ha...love it! ps...I would totally buy whatever gum you are selling! ;)

  2. Sweet. I will get you a couple packs :)

  3. Love it!! You make me smile everyday :)

  4. Where you at the zoo yesterday?? If so, how did you miss the mating bears? :)

  5. Amy- we were there on Monday and I am SO glad we missed the mating bears :)

  6. You had me at giraffe porn. <3

    PS Your hair looks great!

    Your lovely sister

  7. You look exactly like EK in that gum commercial. Her in 20 years. - tb


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