*One of the many advantages of target.com are the crazy big shipping boxes. Previously we had a  space adventure. The kids discovered that with the newest diaper delivery box, a nice luge can be constructed. Granted it started out as a boat. (hence my bad depiction of a puffer fish on the side) This luge thankfully fit all 3 kids plus one of our favorite neighbor girls, Britton. A quick addition of a dolly for wheels and it was a go.  I think Zack entertained most of the neighborhood with luge runs.  After a few good practice runs in the middle of street, they ventured to the hilly driveways. It's hard to capture a good picture when they are traveling at high speeds, but thankfully Danielle was able to capture a few! Good times. I think we are all excited for the next box. :)


  1. I want to live in your neighborhood!

  2. Danielle- the next diaper shipment is in a couple weeks. I'll let you know and you can join our luge team!


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