space travel.

*Zack finished the bathroom this weekend. I must say that I will not be missing the mint green paint or blue swirled vanity! Betsy and I headed out to Walmart to kill time (and to keep me from trying to "help")  While we were there Betsy turned her conformer upside down. I am certain that SRS was called when the entire store heard her screaming in the bathroom. I finally got it removed and we narrowly escaped.

*When the older 2 got back from Grampy and Mimi's house they found the box to the new vanity to be the most impressive.  It was quickly turned into a space ship. 
hats and protective eye wear are a must.
aliens were spotted, so Ek bailed out

_Modifications were made to add lookouts and soon after wheels. It was a very exciting afternoon.
its so windy in space, that pigtail holders can blow away.
hitting the road. 
another successful mission!


  1. What a fun and creative family!! I want to play at your house :)

  2. Oh my word, I want Zach to pull me around in that thing. Do you think he would?!

  3. danielle- Come play anytime. We would love to have you!

    Tonya. yup i think he would. Just come on over, but bring your bike helmet.

  4. Please post pictures of Zach pulling Tonya and Danielle. :)


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