Preschool program

*Ellakate had her preschool potluck and program last week. She was so excited about it. Grampy and Mimi joined us for the fun. One glitch was when I was making the side salad to take, ek had different ideas about my choice. Her comment "Mom, why do you make such disgusting stuff for such nice people?" HELLo?! I guess fresh veggies and pasta do not excite her. For the record many nice people did eat the dish.
*Max was the family photographer during the program. He took approximately 127 photos during the 15 minute performance. So if anyone needs some great shots of the back of heads, I can hook you up! I will only share a few photos below. :)

This is Ek's good buddy Noah. They have had lots of fun the last 2 years in preschool. I grew up with a best friend all through school (and life),Brian. I hope that Ek and Noah have the same great friendship that I have had.

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