*Morning. Anyone else have a bit of a chocolate egg hangover? No. Well then me neither.  We had a great Easter! Several egg hunts, church, spent the day at Grampy and Mimi's, great food and way too much sugar. Good Times! The only downside was Betsy's diaper failing her during church. It claimed Zack's shirt, so he was forced to wear a tshirt that was a size too small the rest of the day. He's a dad. Whadda ya gonna do?
*Here are some photos from our weekend.
one of the MANY egg hunts.
CHOCOLATE.  I think the eyes tell it all.
the girls
Betsy's dress (originally ek's) which I found on ebay 4 years ago. Score! Ek's dress was found a couple weeks ago at the consignment store. Double score! I am also the mom that doesn't try on Betsy's shoes until the night before. White cute shoes...way too small. oh well.
a rare picture where everything matches. Love her.
Betsy: Always on the go and never with shoes.
TA-DA! A very fitting praise for the dessert!


  1. Looks like BK may have been able to fit in her Easter basket - too cute!! Love the matching dresses! Enjoy it while you can still control what they wear :)

  2. LOVE the matchy matchers! ps...Are you as sore as I am from communal family kickball night? If not...me neither. :)

  3. Ha! No I'm not sore, but then I didn't run the bases numerous time with a kid in my arms! Rest up. There will be a rematch tonight:)


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