ducks win again.

*This weekend I got to do something that has been on my to-do list forever.  Suspense killing you? I spent a good part of my evening scraping all of the old food out of the cracks of the kitchen table with a steak knife. Yup. I must say, sadly, that it was very satisfying. I'm pretty sure most of it could have passed for astronaut food. 
Hey. I never promised you riveting stuff here.

* We have had a group of ducks that have adopted our yard and a few neighbor yards as their new home.  Betsy gets SO excited when she sees them. Tonight I was a bit worried since she chased them around with a bowl and a shovel. Not sure what her plans were for them? Good thing she is a slow runner.
I think she is telling me to hold the bowl while she clubs them?
Chasing, chasing, chasing
the swinging move to confuse and frightening the ducks
huddled up working on an escape plan
Crossing the street. Nice plan.
Ducks 1   Betsy 0


  1. The food scraps in the dining room table crack gets me every time! It's like picking a scab. Once I start, I just can't stop. So satisfying.

  2. My kids will be glad to know the ducks found your yard. We had 2 or 3 that always visited our yard when we lived in town. Seth said just the other day, "I wonder if the ducks still come to our old yard." Now I can tell him they're at your house! We fed them old bread--maybe you could feed them the stuff from scraping out the table!

  3. Danielle- I will call you in a couple months and invite you over for table scab picking :)

    Tami-tell seth they are well fed, but the table scrapings is a great idea!


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