Thursday-Don't fail me.

*I am really excited about Thursday. Why you ask? Well because this was my Wednesday.

-Attitude from my eldest all.day.long. I think the only thing I didn't take away from her was air.
-Betsy did not feel good so she was my 2nd skin all day and CRABBY.
-Had an over the phone fight with target. ( I know, I know) they sent me the wrong item, then when i tried to re-order the correct item it was no longer on sale. So I spent my afternoon on the phone to get my discount. Yes! I did get my discount price, but not without paying the price.  Betsy was eating a snack and had a coughing spell. She ended up throwing up all over me. Did I hang up the phone? Heck to the NO. I had spent forever trying to get it all straightened out, so I sat there covered in barf for a couple more minutes. Dedication I tell you..(or stupidity it's really your call)
-Discovered poison ivy on my neck
-items that spilled at our house.  2 bowls of cereal, water pitcher, 1/2 gallon of milk, bowl of applesauce, and glass of tea. Come visit you will never find the kitchen floor this clean.
-made a turkey casserole for dinner.  The recipe called for 3 cups turkey. I had maybe 1 cup. We renamed the recipe "find the turkey" casserole.
-each kid had a bike wreck on the block and half walk to preschool. I did learn I can push a stroller with my stomach while dragging 2 bikes.

-The day was not a total loss, we did find 3 pieces of last years Easter candy in our plastic eggs. Bonus.

* I do realize how blessed I am, I think that one crazy stupid day every once in awhile is good. It at least gives me something to blog about.
-Today is off to a much better start. Thick and burned pancakes were made while listening to Eye of the Tiger. Double Bonus. Bring it on Thursday!


  1. Thanks for the giggles! I'm sure glad today is better.

  2. I think my favorite line is "heck to the no." You're a rockstar, poison ivy and all! Love you! Katie


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