new bed.

*It has rained most of the day today. I love it! Although why does it always rain the hardest right when you have to get out of the car? Also why do i always decide to actually blow dry my hair on the days it ends up raining? Such mysteries. Anyway, as we were making a run/swim for school, ek looks at me and says "You know it's the mom's job to remember the umbrellas". WHAT? Ok fine it is, but really what kid doesn't like to run out in the rain? Apparently mine.  Needless to say I had the umbrellas at pick up, but the rain had stopped momentarily...of course.
*We bit the bullet and bought a new bed. We did a serious upgrade from a full size to a king. Talk about a change. I knew it would be giant, but didn't realize how high it would be. I am now shopping for a mini trampoline so I can actually get in it! The best part is Saturday mornings with all the kids snuggled in, we can now all lay on our backs and not endure the territory fights. It's lovely.  When they delivered the bed, I just had them put it in the living room for a bit. I figured it would be fine, nope. Max and betsy quickly found a great new slide.

*I finally discovered a way to keep betsy from climbing everything. Part mittens part handcuffs. It is glorious. I now actually have 37 seconds to unload the dishwasher without the fear of a knife fight.

*I have a feeling the Easter bunny might be putting some in ek and max's easter baskets :)


  1. The thought of jumping on the trampoline to get into bed makes me laugh! Love the pic of Betsy looking forelorn in her mittens/handcuffs.

  2. You're going to love the big bed!! I can't sleep in a full anymore. Too much togetherness.

  3. Danielle-when i get the trampoline i will invite you over to witness HA :)

    kristen-too much togetherness is correct! the king is well..king :)


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