Betsy's new business.

*Morning. I haven't been able to find a quick second to blog. There have been tornado's, birthday parties, kindergarten roundup, preschool and just overall craziness. During all this, I have decided to rent Betsy out for organizing, cupboard emptying, climbing furniture and all around cleaning. She shines when it comes to emptying out cupboards, drawers, underneath sinks, purses and closets. If you need to purge and re-organize she is your girl.  Payments of pancakes, dark chocolate m&m's and any type of juice are accepted. Please call and book a time with Betsy!

*Kindergarten round up was Monday. We could hardly contain Ek. She asked if she could "mingle" 10 seconds after we got there. I think that she will be just fine next year (and so will this momma) :)

*The kids were playing really well together, so I tried to get a photo. This is the best one. Max is pretending to be a hiding superhero while Betsy is dialing the phone with her toe. 
Hope your Wednesday is stellar and doesn't involve washing syrup out of every crevice of your youngest child, like mine apparently does.

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  1. I'd like to book a week with Miss Betsy Kate. I'm pretty sure we'd get along great!


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