It's an IRD.

*Morning. Thanks to all who inquired about Betsy's new business. She is finishing up a couple of projects for me this morning, primarily reorganizing the can goods, then she will contact you about a time and payment plan.
*Between her reorganizing, Betsy still finds time for her birds. She spends a lot of free time at the window watching and planning for possible capture. 

ballerina in training?
She spots an IRD IRD. Not sure what ek is looking at in the background?  
this is the "go get the bird mom" pose.
*Hope your Monday is off to a good start. Ellakate discovered betsy playing with all the bath toys in the toilet this morning. So my list includes disinfecting bath toys (and betsy). Also i just noticed that betsy is "looking" in 2 completely different directions, so add rotate fake eye to the list as well :)

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  1. Your to-do list is a little more exciting than mine!


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