weekend highlights

*Hi Monday.  Here are some highlights of our weekend.
-Lots of outdoor time. Only 1 kid stepping in cat poop barefoot. That's a pretty high success rate in my book. We have several neighborhood cats.  The down side is not realizing it until they run inside for a drink. blah
-planted flowers and added mulch.  New record of 14 hours to complete this task since 3 kids had to help.
-Max did a face plant last night while he was wrapped in a towel after bath.  He bit through his bottom lip. No stitches at least. On a side note, Betsy LOVES getting the ice pack from the fridge for injuries (which as we all know is a couple times a day around here) She is so helpful, but unfortunately has started hitting anyone and everyone so she can get you the ice pack. (sorry britt!) 
-I spent an evening re-stuffing my couch cushions.  Now instead of a 9 year old couch, it can totally pass for an 8 year old couch. score.

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