Rock chalk and the red dot

*"We've got spirit yes we do, We've got spirit, how about you?"

*grampy brought us a new surprise last night. The kids and (thankfully) our neighbors loved it. We are excited to cheer on the hawks this weekend.

*Zack spoke at a conference yesterday. He came home with his laser pen pointer. I think every mom needs to invest in one of these. We spent at least 30 minutes last night watching our kids act like kittens and go nuts trying to catch the red dot. Good clean fun, I tell ya.  They never did figure out where the magic red dot was coming from.  The best part was watching their eyes bug out when the red dot appeared on the back of some unsuspecting stranger that rode by on their bike. 
Max and his E.T. finger
The mysterious red dot yet again.
* I think my afternoon plans involve the laser pointer and a lawn chair. :)

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  1. I think my kids and I will stop by to play this afternoon!


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