Hey Simon!

*First off I need to give a shout out to my cousin Simon.  He thought the last post was a bit lame, since it was about cousins and he was not mentioned.  HELLO SIMON you will always be my rocket ship co-pilot. (No Katie there is not enough room)  :)

*Yesterday Betsy tripped and hit her head on the glass door of our monstrosity cabinet (seriously it is giant). Thankfully she was not hurt just a few small scratches. The glass shattered and now is covered with with the comics page until fixed. (I think it provides cover and entertainment all in one) It is amazing how we have had this giant glass thing for 5 years (Zack made it using our old windows for the doors) and no other kid has noticed it. That's our Betsy always keeping us guessing.

*Here a couple zingers from ek yesterday
-My sister gave me a tank top, ek saw it and said "Aunt Katie thinks this will fit you? Or is it for me?" O.U.C.H.
-I have started letting the kids help fix breakfast. Amazing creations like toaster strudels.  This morning ek fixed hers. She popped it out of the toaster and it was slightly burned. Her response. "Look Mom, I cook like you. It's burned"  Nice start to the day.

*Hope your weekend is filled with impromptu singing/dance parties (complete with air guitar) and ice cream!
I think Betsy is waiting for the chorus to join in?

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  1. Your blog posts just never disappoint! Entertainment value rating: high


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