*Yesterday Mimi and Katie came for the day.  Katie helped me rearrange and decorate the kids room.  It looks a smidge like we are now running an orphanage, but they all love it.  Hopefully before too long we can move someone to the downstairs bedroom. But until then fun for all. I wasn't sure that 6 kids 7 years old and under would be conducive to getting anything accomplished. But with a closet full of dress up clothes and a wonderful niece Grace who didn't mind dusting or reading to the younger clan. It was awesome.
 a bit of reading
 Judah proving his mom WRONG. He can in fact fit into a t-rex costume that is 3 sizes too small.  
 princess Lulu and superhero cowboy Max
 Grace who wasn't real thrilled with the amount of dust she found :)
 Betsy with her rocking shades
*At the end of the day we had a couple new rooms and lots of fun. Max ended up going home with Mimi for a few days. We got to keep Grace here. I love having her around to help out.  Uncle Zack even got the "best uncle award" for letting her have ice cream at 11 pm. Good times!

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