Enterprise vs. SaraJane

*So last night I got in a fight.  Yup. The U.S.S. Enterprise and I got into a bit of a scrum.  I was thinking that I was talented enough to answer the phone while on the treadmill and watching a movie. NOPE. (My husband still can't believe that I ever played sports. I swear I did. If you went to high school with me can you give a shout out that I did!) Anyhoo. My sister called so I kept going on the treadmill (dedication, you see) and just put the headphones around my neck. Well as we got to talking I apparently slowed down. I should mention that the laptop sits in front of the treadmill on the washing machine. As I slowed down, the cord to the headphones decided it had been stretched to the limit. So crashing down comes the laptop onto the treadmill. The treadmill then launches it back, slamming it into the wall (yes, slamming, I was going really fast, kinda). It then was trapped between the wall and the treadmill making a really bad bad sound. Thankfully the headphones came off the computer so I was not strangled. I then proceed to scream goodbye in the phone and try to stop the Enterprise. I should mention that my husband had an awesome response time, but wasn't too impressed when he saw the giant black treadmill mark on the computer. OoPs. So I might be banned from watching movies on the treadmill...or maybe I should just be banned from the treadmill??

*On a side note, my sister somehow managed to explode a water bottle all over herself while we were talking. We have now decided no more multitasking while on the phone with each other.

gotta love the warmer weather!


  1. I can vouch for the sports. I have also watched you run across Buckeye many, many times and I don't remember either one of us ever coming close to getting run over. Blame the kids. Along with brain cells I think they take some of our coordiation, too.

    Darn, dangerous treadmill. I think you should stay far away from it. :)

  2. I've seen photos from volleyball so I know you were on the team. :)

  3. Thank you Amy and Jena. I'll be sure to show Zack your comments.

    Amy--you are right, Buckeye was dangerous. It took speed and agility to cross :) Ha. I think you are right on kids taking coordination and brain cells!

  4. My sisters and I have had many strange things happen while trying to multitask and talk to each other. Must be something about those sister talks!

  5. I think we need a volleyball picture posted on the blog as proof. And DANG, GIRL! We are definitely a danger to ourselves and sometimes others (computers, contact lenses, etc.) Your lovely and talented sister xoxo

  6. Makes for a funny mental picture!! :)

    Also, can you give me the website to your sister's jewelry business?

  7. Hi Jody, it was funny alright.

    You can find PlaneJane Designs on facebook and etsy! Or you can always get something from our Hesston representative aka Sara Jane! :)



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