closet cleaning and a new house.

*Our weekend involved cleaning out our bedroom closets. Fun fun.  I for one, found some real treasures. For instance my favorite pair of Gap brand crop overalls circa 1999. I proceeded to try them on and felt it was still a good look. Zack did not agree. I then tried to pair them with my wedding tiara and wedding sparkly heels. No dice. I was a bit annoyed that no one was impressed when I announced (quite loudly) that "isn't it amazing after almost 9 years I can still fit into my wedding shoes!" I thought it was impressive, at least my feet have stayed slim and trim :) The closet cleaning was good for the soul, bad for fashion. 
*During our cleaning, Betsy found herself a new house. It's a bit small, but she doesn't seem to mind.


  1. Next late night run, you're wearing that. I'll sport my gouchos. As far as I'm concerned, gouchos and jean overalls will never ever go out of style. - tb


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