*I finally got around to putting all the photos from my phone onto the computer. So get ready for some slightly crooked and a bit fuzzy photos in the next few posts!

*Last weekend we took the kids bowling for the first time. They had a blast. Betsy spent the whole time trying to lick everything, so I sense a good dose of antibiotics in our near future.  Max lasted longer than I imagined.  Must have been due to the incredibly          l  o  n  g   breaks waiting for the ball to ever so slowly make it down the lane.  For instance, he would roll the ball then we would have time to run to the bathroom, get a snack, change betsy's diaper and be back before the ball delicately tapped the pins. I think that the pins were inflatable, because he would knock down several every time. Pure magic.   
Plenty of time for a photo op. If you look closely you can see the ball almost to the pins.
action shot. 
Good times.


  1. This makes me laugh... When we went bowling a couple months ago, Em's ball went so slowly it actually ricocheted off the pins. Note: the pins did NOT fall.

  2. That's hilarious. Let's put them on a bowling team together.


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