max bday recap.

*Max is one lucky kid. He had 3 birthday parties this year. The second and third should have been combined, but Grampy and Mimi decided to wait a day after the stomach flu hit our house to attend. (who blames 'em?) So the final party involved singing Happy Birthday over a half eaten cake :) I just wasn't up to making another cake for the next day! He received alot of really fun stuff. He spent most of the evening inspecting Zack's teeth with his new head lamp.  Good Times around here.

*We gave Betsy a piece of tape and this kept her busy for quite some time.  I think I might start carrying a roll in my purse.
*Most of all we really appreciate this kid rallying back to help celebrate with Max. Although, perhaps 2 nights of cake isn't the best idea...for anyone :)


  1. HaPpY BiRtHdAy MaX! Love all the pictures. Your blog always does my heart good.

  2. I love that first picture of Max and Zack!!

  3. Oh Max-a-Million! I just want to eat you up! Happy Birthday little man!


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