Bang up weekend!

*Friday involved well child checkups for everyone! Between the 3 kiddos there were 9 shots. Talk about a bang up way to start the weekend! It worked out well that we took everyone in, since we had a feeling that Betsy broke her nose. Yes I know.  Anyway, the Dr thought she just had a hairline fracture and the main issue was she blew a blood vessel between her eyes. Thankfully she did not damage either eye.  She was walking with the Leap Pad and fell, smashing it into her face. Her glasses had just been taken off and thrown across the room which was fortunate since they probably would have cut her worse.  Needless to say, this momma dry heaved a couple of times after it happened.  Here are some shots of our bruiser.
minutes after it happened
several hours later
the next day. This is more of a "bar fight" look.
Finally today. Looks much better...kinda.
*Today we are going to buy her a helmet. :)

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  1. I was scared when I got the post! Awwwwww! She is still a beautiful little girl! AND the toughest one I know! Max is going to need her!


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