year end wrap up and back talk

*happy new year!  Sorry for the lapse in blog posts, this last week has flown by. My 2012 started of with a morning at target (thanks Danielle!) so it's off to a great start.  The year wrapped up with some sweet ellakate comments this past week...

-"Dad will you stop talking. I'm missing out on all the fun"
-"Mom, I'm tired of hearing you talk" (Gee could it possibly be because you were getting a lecture about sinking your fork into your brother's arm?)
-"Mom, I knew you were going to burn the french toast, that's why I asked for pancakes, even though you burn those too" O.U.C.H. I guess the truth hurts.

*Betsy has taught me a couple of lessons this past week.
1. peanut butter and syrup are next to impossible to get off of her glasses.
2. When you spend an hour wiping down the walls with a magic eraser (in hindsight would have been easier to repaint the walls) Your sweet 13 month old will follow behind you drawing on the walls with a red crayon. HOLY MOLY. Like i said, would have been easier to repaint.

*Max doesn't really have any stories this week. But then again since we took the Christmas tree down, there's really not much to destroy.
*My goal is to get the pictures downloaded from my camera sometime before next Christmas. So new photos coming...soon.

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  1. Betsy that was not nice, it was funny, but not nice :)


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