*greetings from the land of toy overload! I hope that you had a great holiday. Our was fantastic.  It was relaxing and spent with family, which is just how I like it.  We are slapped back to reality with our flying squirrel who knocked the Christmas tree over again as soon as we walked in the door.  I counted and there were 12 needles left on the tree when we stood it back up. So Christmas decorations were down after being home for an hour.

*I left my camera at my parents so the fun holiday pictures will be posted later.

*Betsy has learned a new trick.  She can now stick her finger into her eye and roll her conformer around. This honestly intrigues me and makes me gag.  The nice thing is that she can roll it back as well. So she has learned party tricks at an early age.

*We had our new bathroom vanity top delivered yesterday. Unfortunately I was not home, so I was unable to redeem myself. It's too bad because I was having a rocking good bang day and betsy's eye was in correctly.

*Well somehow betsy has gotten her hair caught in max's new race car tires, so off to untangle.  Another day in life :)

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