Christmas revisited

*I finally uploaded Christmas photos. I found that most of them had a recurring theme. Boxes. The target red card gives me free shipping on anything, so I now get diapers delivered to our home. The best part...fresh boxes every couple of weeks.
floating in our new boats
Betsy keeping an eye on the boats
Watch out we have a jumper!
whew, found an extra dingy for betsy. Sorry about max having his finger in his nose. Im sure it's just an itch?

 Ellakate and her new leotard and wolf hat. Betsy is modeling her strawberry hat in the background.
Apparently I didnt get any photos with max and his presents...so this "im so happy with everything I got face" will have to do.
betsy also got her very own leotard and bag. Thanks Grammo Jane!

.*Our Christmas was great fun and overall exhausting. So its kinda nice to get back to a regular schedule of crazy.

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