blogs are cheaper than therapy.

Yesterday I got a letter from an amazing woman. She told me of the struggle that she has faced the last 23 years. She lost her son and ended up donating his corneas. Her letter stated that the decision to donate his corneas has troubled her through the years. Experiencing with us Betsy's accident made her realize that even though Betsy was not a candidate for cornea transplant the impact that it would have made in her life and ours, would have been enormous. She now feels at peace with their decision years ago. This letter was powerful. A quote from this letter " Betsy will grow up having two kinds of sight. Her own and the insight you give her to see the world through the eyes of love from everyone around her". I love this woman like a mother. She is stronger than I could ever hope to be. She brings strength to me when I struggle.  It humbles me to think that God works through Betsy to help someone else.

* As fortunate as we are and as amazing as her conformer is, I tried to prepare myself for the kick in the gut for another trip. I am trying to figure out when I will be able to make this trip and have it not drain me emotionally.  It seems that I just get relaxed in our life and then it all comes flooding back. I get mad that it still seems so hard and painful. So now I will tuck this letter in my heart and remember it when i am having struggles. God has a plan for everything. Whew. Thanks for reading, blogs are so much cheaper than therapy.

*Betsy got her conformer enlarged on Friday. We hope that it will now fit a bit tighter so it won't turn all the time. We were getting tired of having to remove it every day when it flipped around.  Not to mention all the random strangers that we startled by the turned eyeball. We got the conformer done and headed about 1/2 mile down the road to stop for lunch. I opened up the car door to get her out and watched her stick her finger in her eye. Before I could stop her she popped the conformer out and I caught it before it flew out of the car. GEEZ. So there's that. I hope that I don't have to spend all my free time looking for eyes in parking lots. If anyone does happen to find an eye, please pick it up and call me. It's probably Betsy's :)


  1. I've always said the same thing about blogs - it is my cheap therapy. Somedays I'm working my issues out on everyone else's time. Nice to know we're all in it together.

    You really do have an incredible gift of reminding us to not take things too seriously and to find the humor in everyday. You are an amazing mommy, wife and friend!

  2. I agree. Blogging is cheap therapy. I'm glad to know you're one of us. :)


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