*Busy weekend. Lots to do. Zack started gutting out the upstairs bathroom and I watched 2 movies. But I did open the door for him when he moved the toilet outside. He didn't really ask for alot of help from me. Might have been due to the fact that the one time I opened the door for him, I kicked over a whole bunch of tools and tiny tool things that were sitting on the step. Or perhaps it was when I opened the bathroom door while he was painting and knocked the broom over which hit the light switch off. So I then put about 30 fingerprints in the new paint trying to find the light switch in the dark. I am the best helper.

*purse-check, diapers-check, wipes-check, snacks-check, betsy in a bag-check. It really is a great hands free way to shop!

 Happy weekend!

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