bikes and bambi

*A couple days ago We splurged and spent $3 at the second hand store. Our big purchases were a lawn chair and a bike from 1984. 

crazy picture of ek, but i love max in the background.
So far they have entertained us quite well. Until max decides to take his chair to the next level. As you can guess, this didn't last long. I think the addition of the cash register threw off the balance.
Then Betsy makes the unwise decision to drive while sleepy.

*For fun this afternoon I mopped the kitchen floor (don't fret that wasn't the fun part) I then forgot to tell the kids. It was like a reenactment of the frozen pond scene out of Bambi. I must admit I laughed alot. It might even make me mop more...or not.


  1. What? No mention of your super awesome lamp purchases? For shame.

  2. That's a whole different post. I will be needing the "after" photos so we don't scare anyone away.

  3. I remmeber those toys!! I love finding good deals that keep my kids entertained!


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