Who is 3 years older than me today?

Happy Birthday to my (older) sister Katie!
Katie and Tony
*Katie- Hope your day is fantastic. Sorry that the darn weather postpones your party. You are older (have i mentioned that?) sometimes wiser, very creative, have a great eye for fonts (her handwriting is the font for my blog fyi) and just hands down an amazing sister and best friend. (As long as we don't mention the years 1990-1993, yikes). We now have an amazing relationship that I cherish. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

*I tried to find some pictures of us from years ago on your birthday. But let's be honest. I couldn't fit both of us and our big perms on the blog page. :) Love you.
Katie, Tony, Lulu, Grace and Judah


  1. Way to tempt us with the pictures from long ago. Darn you. Happy Birthday, Katie!!

  2. You were there to see the "real life" perm Amy. I don't want to burn your eyes this close to Christmas with the memory. :) Thanks, Sara! You're totally my favorite sister. Kate


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