weekend highlights.

*Some highlights of our weekend.

-Betsy waking up and first thing she does is hand me her eye. GOOD MORNING. Nothing like holding a fake eye to really wake a person up.  I'm just glad that she held on to it and I didn't have to search for it all morning. Yikes.

-Betsy also has mastered climbing. As in it takes her 2.7 seconds to climb onto the kitchen table. It's getting old. real old.
Here I am! 
why hello again. Just having a waxy snack.
what...you don't want me to climb? try to stop me...
-Our nice neighbor Jane brought over little jingle bells for the kids. She tied them on all of their shoes. I thought it would be pretty annoying, like having a herd of cats. Honestly, when the bell ringing stops, then I know to check on them.  I might try to find a pair for Zack. He seemed to sneak away several times for nap this weekend.

-Max and Ek spent an afternoon playing in the truck. They were just driving around catching flying fish.
Ellakate catching the flying fish while max drives. Although i don't think he should be driving, because it looks like he just had cataract surgery?
Just a reminder ladies, in 13 years this boy can drive you around. (hopefully without the aid of a booster seat)
-My husband (along with our neighbor Chris) put up Christmas trees in all the neighbors yards this year. If you live close take a drive down our street it is really pretty.  Zack continues as the president of the Holiday cheer committee for the 3rd straight year for our street. Then again, I think that when you start the committee (and are the only member) you pretty much get to be what you want.


  1. I'm laughing again!! Love the pics of Betsy on the table!

  2. I can't belive Betsy can climb like that!


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