Christmas "Activities"

* We just got back from a quick (and previously cancelled) trip to Grampy and Mimi's. Decided that weather couldn't stop us from celebrating Katie's birthday! Also we were out of food and I decided that a day away from the pile of laundry was a great idea. Although coming back and adding to it...not so much. I also found that throwing a baggie full of graham crackers at your kids as you pull out of the driveway at lunch time for an hours drive is also not the best thought out plan.  However, Betsy cries really blend well with Jingle Bells.

*Grampy took us around to look at Christmas lights. During this ride we discovered that Ellakate thinks that Nativities are called "activities".  I tried many times to correct her without success.  I found that its hard to correct your child when her grandparents think its hilarious and start calling them "activities" as well.  Thanks grampy and mimi.

*My brother-in-law Tony is an amazing singer and song writer. Here is a link to his Christmas song it's called So Far Down.  Hope you all enjoy it. 

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