orange juice anyone?

*So Tuesday started off like a Monday.  All 3 kids were snuggled in bed with me this am. I was sandwiched in the middle with Betsy on my stomach.  Betsy then decides to sit up and throw up the orange juice that she just consumed.  It went all over me and the bed. The other 2 have such weak gag reflexes that they both started dry heaving at the same time.  Screaming ensued (i think just from me) to get everyone out of the bed. Ellakate's comment summed up the morning. "This is NOT how i planned my day to start" Amen to that sister.  
*I relayed my morning to my friend Tonya.  I told her that I thought betsy just drank her juice too fast, because i "didn't think that it smelled like flu vomit." She declared that you know you are a "true mom" when you can distinguish between flu barf and regular barf. HA.
*Max fixed himself a quick snack while i was putting Betsy down for a nap. A stick of butter and brick of cream cheese. So I think we might have more gagging later this afternoon.
cream cheese eater..guilty as charged.


  1. Oh my word....and then I came over and insisted that we make some more orange juice. How oblivious am I?!! I think you also know you're a true mom when you can clean up orange juice vomit and then drink o.j. without a blink not long after!

  2. I wrote a great comment. And it disappeared. That makes me want to barf orange juice. Katie

  3. tonya. i didnt even think about the orange juice at lunch! Ha.

    katie. sorry you lost your comment, i guess it's best just be anonymous :)


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