this glue is SUPER!

*Monday is off to a start.  This afternoon I was trying to simply glue a Christmas ornament back together. (yup had the tree up for under 24 hours and had our first casualty.) So the super glue bottle cap kinda exploded off. Or perhaps it was because i was opening it with my teeth. Needless to say both hands, counter top and random objects close by are covered in super glue. ( i did NOT glue my mouth shut, much to Zack's dismay)  The dumb ornament didn't even hold together after massive amounts covered it. On a positive note, my hands have been very cracked and dry due to the weather. Now since they are covered in glue, the skin cracks are glued back together and no longer hurt.  So there's that.
*Here is a snippet of ellakate's prayer at lunch.   "Dear God, thanks for our food, even though its pb&J again. Also please send another big flood like you did for Noah. I would really like a big boat for Christmas. I love you, from ellakate"   


  1. So funny!!! Please, please, please don't stop blogging. You make me laugh every single day. You are a major ray of sunshine for me.


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