friday ramblings

*happy friday..or as we call it in our house....yipppeeeee daddy's home tomorrow!  
*Started off the day a bit rushed. I was putting in Betsy's conformer this morning and she slapped it out of my hand. So I holler "ahhhh we lost an eye, nobody move" So for once ellakate and max actually listen and don't move. So then I have to say "move and help me find the eye" Whew we finally found it. I must say it's pretty creepy to see an eye staring up at you from the carpet.  (oh and bud if you read this blog....I promise we really do take great care of the eye..)
*Fast forward 20 minutes and we are sitting in the car to go to preschool. Ellakate asks why it takes me so long to get ready. Really?really...REALLY? I am putting on mascara and a swipe of chapstick to impress all the other mom's at preschool just in case my sloppy side pony doesn't do the trick. So sorry ek that I take forever. I suppose i could get up earlier...but then the other moms wouldn't recognize me. 
*Now off to discover who breaks in my house and destroys it while we are taking ek to school!

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  1. I think it's nice of you to think of the other moms when planning your morning schedule. If you got up earlier and put forth any more effort, they would all feel terrible about the way they look. You're just so gorgeous!!!


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