halloween recap.

*i have a halloween hangover.  Lots of fun, too much candy and several costume changes. We started off with these costumes...
the ladybug
cowboy who was talking to his peeps about their costumes

super betsy. Who was so stinking cute and looked like she hovered over the ground when you watched her walk by...but nope, none of these made the cut. This is what we ended up with. A disheveled princess who didn't wear most of her costume, a snowman and a T-rex.

whew pictures done, we were ready to go...but wait, the snowman has to stop and hydrate.

Yup. this is how betsy rode most of the time (when she wasn't stuffing her snowman costume further with cookies.) Zack does have the stroller tilted back a bit to help keep her in. We are all about safety, obviously.
Finally the loot counting and sugar comas begin. I decided to divide up the candy so that my thighs only get so much each day. :)


  1. You guys looked like you were having a great night!

    Sorry I was not chatty when we saw you. Kylie kept tripping and the older two wanted to run to each house without her.

  2. The hydrating snowman is the cutest ever!


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